Extra sheet metal and sheet metal works

We provide extra sheet metal works

Roof flashing 300 × 300 mm

Classic profile flashing 150 × 150 mm

Stone wall flashing 105 × 105 mm

Classic profile flashing with a stair 160 × 80 mm

Wooden wall flashing 125 × 100 mm

Valley flashing 300 × 300 mm

Valley cover flashing 140 × 40 × 140 mm

Ridge capping 140 × 140 mm

Classic profile ridge capping 118 × 118 mm

Eaves flashing 130 × 55 mm

Rolled and classic profile eaves flashing 100 × 55 mm

Classic profile end piece 95 × 50 mm

Rolled profile end piece 105 × 25 mm

End piece 100 × 100 mm

Behind chimney flashing

Chimney flashing 150 × 221 mm

Roof opening, round

Roof opening, rectangular

Flat sheets 20 rm (25 m2)

Useful information for measuring extra sheet metal→

When installing a roof, having the necessary roofing material is not enough. During installation works you may need different extra sheet metals the absence of which makes the installation of roof impossible. Necessary extra sheet metal details are manufactured on request taking into consideration the form of the roof and required details.

We offer complex handwork roofing elements and extra sheet metal made as sheet metal work:

  • ridge capping – to cover the ridge of the roof
  • end piece – attached to the board of the end eave, finishes the edge of the roof and protects it from dampness
  • flashing – extra sheet material used between the edge of roof and a wall
  • chimney flashing – used to join the roof sheet and a chimney, ensures roof’s water-repellency at the base of the chimney
  • valley flashing – is applied before profile sheet followed by roof slates
  • eaves flashing – carries rainwater from the roof to the gutter
  • downpipes – used to direct rainwater away from facade
  • gutters – used to protect the edges of the roof form water damage and discharge collected water to downpipes
  • brackets – different fastening elements necessary to install roof accessories and elements
  • facade sheets – used tot protect the front of the house from water damage
  • penetrations – used to ventilate the roof and protect it from dampness
  • external sills
  • external and internal corner flashings
  • chimney caps according to customer’s drawings
  • custom shaped flashings according to customer’s drawings
  • other roof elements

In addition, we offer handwork custom shaped sheet metal, for example, decorated rainwater systems.

Naturally, we provide all the necessary steel purlins. For example, window and door reveals, parapets and sheet steel window sills. We also try our best to offer reasonable prices and delivery terms for all personalized orders.

Our bending machine can operate a max. 2 mm steel sheet. The maximum capacity of the guillotine cutting machine is 3 mm.