RR11 spruce green

RR20 white

RR21 light grey

RR22 grey

RR23 dark grey

RR24 light yellow

RR25 yellow

RR28 dark red

RR29 red

RR30 beige

RR31 brown

RR32 dark brown

RR33 black

RR34 light blue

RR35 blue

RR36 light green

RR37 green

RR40 light silver

RR41 dark silver

RR42 gold

RR43 copper

RR750 tile red

New colours from Karu Katus OÜ!

Karu Katus OÜ offers a wide range of colours and products for the most demanding customers!

Colours displayed on the screen may not correspond to real colours! You are welcome to visit us to check the colour on our colour chart.