Underlays and sealings

There are two types of underlay: permeable and non-permeable.

Non-permeable underlay carries water away from the roof, and this is used for roofs with cold ventilated attics or insulated roofs where there is an air gap between insulation and underlay.

Permeable underlay consists of several layers – on e of the most important layers is a vapour permeable membrane covered with a special fabric. This underlay can be applied right on the roof trusses followed by distance plates, purlins and roof covering. Truss spacings can be filled with insulation material by pushing it tightly against stretched underlay. When applying permeable underlay, attention must be paid to sticking the pains together (the best adhesion can be achieved by using underlay with two tapes). Permeable underlay eliminate the need for wind screen plates or ventilation rafters, which are a must for membrane-like and non-permeable underlay material of the currently the most popular roofing construction.

Universal self-adhesive sealing

Stick the sealing on ridge capping and then press against the roof.
Material: polyester.
25 × 40 mm and 25 × 50 mm

Longitudinal sealing strip

Applied under rolled and classic sheet between roof boarding and sheet metal. Noise reduction of approx. 6 dB.
25 running meters in a roll
3 × 80 mm

Wakaflex 280 mm and M-Glue


You need this set if your house’s old (or new) roof has an abutment that needs flashing, e. g.:

  • roof and chimney abutments
  • roof and wall abutments
  • ventilation opening and roof abutments
  • roof window and roof abutments
  • and other abutments on the roof

The set includes:

  • Wakaflex flashing tape 5 m
  • Wakastrip for aluminium chimneys 4 × 1.2 m
  • Adhesive sealing mass 290 ml
  • Nail dowels 16 pc.
  • Application manuals

Underlay tape 50 mm (25 rm)

Single-sided universal tape used to repair roofing membranes and other construction products based on polypropylene. Tape is breathable and, accordingly, vapour permeable. The product has excellent adhesive properties and is extremely tear-resistant.

Roll size: 67 mm × 50 mm × 25m.

Application temperature: from 5 °C.