Anti-condensation membrane

DRIPSTOP anti-condensation membrane

DRIPSTOP is a cost-effective way to deal with condensation on uninsulated roofs. This is a self-adhesive material applied to the inner side of a roof metal sheet before profiling it. DRIPSTOP can be used for a variety of applications (structures) where condensation is a problem.

No more dripping roofs – traps and holds up to 1 litre per m2.

Durable – unlike common insulation materials and vapour barriers, DRIPSTOP is resistant to mechanical damage.

  • Fire-resistant – G1 flammability group.
  • Eliminates condensation problem.
  • Sufficiently incombustible.
  • Large water absorption capability, up to 1 l/m2
  • Easy to use on all metal sheet profiles.
  • With excellent grip.
  • Prevents the formation of mould, resistant to mechanical and atmospheric impacts.
  • Easy to clean with a water jet or pressure washer.
  • It is recommended to install to an eave an edge preventing dripping of the roof.
  • More problematic is preventing the formation on capillaries on horizontal laps of panels.
  • The solution to this problem is to remove the additional DRIPSTOP strip from the sheet, which can be done in several ways; we recommend using hot blower (680 °C) or cutting it with a knife, however, this way you may damage the metal surface, which you, surely, don’t want to do.
  • Does not extend installation time nor requires extra tools.
  • Noise reduction of up to 6 dB.
  • Cost saving – up to 25% versus traditional solutions.