Solar powered roof profile - Electric Roofing Profile electric roof profile is an innovative 2-in-1 solution, which combines the roofing material and photovoltaic module into one product. These panels are developed and produced in Estonia.

Electricity is produced in a thin photovoltaic layer that covers the metal sheet with the same principle as in conventional solar panels. panels have much more resistance to physical loads and durability to any harsh condition than conventional solar panels. panels provide both a roof cover and solar panels with one installation, hence there is no need for separate installation team and materials. The installation is as easy as the installation of standard metal roof. The connection of modules is made under the roof sheeting between the battens.

The roof looks like a traditional standing seam roof from the distance, ideal for Nordic architecture.

The modules are available in two dimensions with the following key parameters:

  • Panel peak power (Wp): 105W and 130W
  • Dimensions: 515x1640mm and 515x1955mm
  • Weight: 11.6kg and 14kg
  • Color: Black (RR33)


By installing roof, you will start generating your very own electricity.