Velux roof windows

With an experience of more than 75 years, Velux provides roof windows and skylights with excellent functionality, quality and price.

See the main benefits which help you to choose the right roof window.

  • Standard Series roof windows are the right choice for those who prefer functionality and affordability. Top- or bottom-operated, wooden or maintenance-free white model – the choice is yours!
  • Standard Plus series is suitable for those home-owners who want their windows to be more energy-efficient and soundproof. Standard Plus roof windows are now available with 3-layer pane which provides even more comfort and warmth.

New! 3-layer pane

Premium windows are easy to clean and they offer a variety of extra functionalities. Windows are characterised by beautiful design and elegant handle. Home control system makes it easy to operate windows.

Fakro roof windows

FAKRO is a private company established in 1991. It is the fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. In 25 years, FAKRO has grown from a small family business into an international corporation holding the second position on the global market of roof windows.

FAKRO’s goal is to provide the product of the highest quality to satisfy the needs of customers all over the world. A high priority is placed on safety, security and environmental impact of the products.

The company continuously manufactures and develops the following product range:

  • wooden and plastic windows with different opening methods
  • flat roof windows
  • flashings
  • automatic control
  • roof access doors
  • light tunnels
  • smoke ventilation
  • accessories for windows; blinds, shutters etc.
  • Installation elements
  • solar collectors
  • attic doors

Roto roof windows

Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie GmbH is an independent division under Roto AG Corporation. The division has its headquarters based in Bad Mergentheim with approximately 700 employees. In Europe, the division employs 1,200 people. Roto has clearly stayed true to its German location since more than 90% of the premium products sold on the domestic market is “german made”. Products are distributed exclusively through authorized dealers and professionals in the roofing technology.

Since the first years of its activity, the name of the company, Roto, has been synonymous with trendsetting cutting-edge technology. It all started with the first industrially produced tilt-and-turn fittings. Next came significant innovations in roof window constructions, such as the first top-hung roof windows. Roto established itself as a premium brand in roof window industry. By entering solar technology industry, the company set the course for the roof of the future. Today, roof-integrated full solutions combine both of our core competencies into a perfect union.

Roof windows and accessories

By choosing Roto product, you are choosing “german made” quality. Our roof windows, solar systems and accessories are manufactured from high-quality materials which have proven themselves to be long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance.

Roof windows

Intelligent technology provides the ways to maximise living comfort through lots of light, easy access and unobstructed view. And, of course, with perfect ease of operation. According to Roto principle, it has all been achieved: no obstructing window frame, but a comfortable operation handle at the bottom of the sash. You can open, vent and set your window in the cleaning position with merely one operation handle. And, in addition, ideal accessory – exterior roller shutter.


Opening systems, remote controls, sun screening, and decorative blinds: unique interior design is often achieved with sophisticated accessories.